SimPad 2

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A simple but powerful mini keypad designed for rhythm games.

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Black, Silver, Pink, White

9 reviews for SimPad 2

  1. Thomas Ring (verified owner)

    Great Keypad, I like allowing us to change switches and the rgb

  2. Fernando Leyton (verified owner)

    Great quality and nice construction materials, thanks to this gadget I’ve been able to test different switches and I’m very pleased with the results

  3. cvlad379 (verified owner)

    Love it! Really great quality and good use for osu 🙂

  4. Gabel

    I got 3 SimPad’s for me and 2 friends. The delivery time was 25 days, which was to be expected with a shipment from china. It is a really nice built keypad and great for osu! It also has a great software to change Keybinds, Lighting, … And when I had a question I always got a a quick response on the SimDevices Discord!

  5. Alvin Lee (verified owner)

    Just got this in the mail today and it exceeded my expectations. Amazing little keypad thats well built, simple and clean drivers, and nice aesthetics. I also really love that it also uses USB Type-C as it is becoming a more popular option and is really convenient. I also got the Cherry MX Speed Silvers to go with this and both the defaulted Cherry Reds and the Silvers are fantastic and work well. I appreciate the effort into making the switches hot swappable which is super convenient for people who want to save time while using this to play osu(such as myself) and people who just want to use this to test out different switches. While there are many more good things I would have liked to mention, the only thing so far that I am unpleased about is that the non slip pads that came with this stick on both sides of the pad. I had thought the pads just prevented it from slipping but it actually meant that it will stick to your table and won’t move. This was no joke, once its stuck on the table, you need to shake and slide and pull with a lot of strength to get it off of flat surfaces. But then again, this minor issue for me might not apply for everyone. Other than this small problem, I would recommend this to people who are interested in playing osu and for other purposes.

    • Handle

      The stick pad is used for unti-slip, so it designed as a bit overfire… Dont warry, the unti-slip side is removeable, just need some power…

  6. lgakira9 (verified owner)

    I just received mine today. White base with white caps to match my gaming aesthetics. Also ordered two extra sets of switches. Silvers and Red. Products are legit. Materials feel of quality. Rgb is very bright and customizable with the downloadable software. Took little over a month to get to me here in Hawaii. Not a big deal, as expected. Over all, wonderful product and extremely satisfied. Will be buying more just because.

  7. NiN

    Great seller and customer service. High quality and good for games, and seller is by far one of the best in customer service. Would definitely recommend.

  8. Reese Yaras (verified owner)

    I don’t even have the product yet, I just have so much trust in all my friends opinions and the people writing reviews that this product will be top tier. I also bought all of the Cherry MX switches for a very reasonable price here and cannot wait to try them all out to form my own personal opinion.

  9. Aidan Williams

    Great keypad!

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